Anne Carney Raines

The rooms we occupy are reflective of our minds and experiences. I'm interested in this connection created by the individual within a space and explore this within my paintings.

The process of my work begins with creating dioramas of rooms and then transitioning into the role of curator of the invented space. By thoughtfully inserting various objects, materials, and imagery into the miniature sets, I create multiple narratives based upon the personal interpretations of the viewer who wishes to seek them out. Themes like female autonomy, the feminine trinity and contemplative prayer are reoccurring in my work.

As a student of art history I'm interested in the process of looking into the historical framework and personal life of an artist to interpret possible meanings from their work. I am largely influenced by the work of Matthias Weischer and many of the New Leipzig School painters because they create artworks specific to the politics of living in East Germany that are also relatable to the outside world. In this way, the interpretations of the viewer are unique and as meaningful to them as the artist who created it. 

Often, I paint paintings within paintings as a second language to get across more information pulled from the context they are entangled with. I paint wood grain and marble to explore the use of faux scenic painting techniques and the elements of tackiness that can be associated with them. The “characters” are representations of my body, thoughts, and experiences. I delight in the tactile experience of applying paint to a surface and the magic of creating a new and pretend space that is made real by the simple act of putting it on display.


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